Bragging Rights

Ramon Hernandez of Anaheim High: "My artwork speaks for me!"

Sam Walker of Calvary Chapel High: "I'm the host of the 'Rock-It Show' radio program, moving from L.A. to a Tustin station soon."

Angela Apodaca of Estancia High: "I'm known for my positive attitude and ability to adapt easily."

Jennifer Bender of Canyon High: "My great-grandfather invented the bobby pin."

Tiffany Cleveland of Capistrano Valley High: "I was selected for the high school yearbook cover artist."

Ari Solotoff of Marina High: "I did a performance with Yo-Yo Ma at Lincoln Center's Alice Tully Hall."

Denise Scott of Ocean View High: "I'm known for the crazy way I like to bust a move at dances, especially during the song, 'I'm Too Sexy.' "

Wilbur Channels of Costa Mesa High: "I regularly wear Lycra in public."

Sarah Belavic of Rosary High: "I have only missed one day of school in my entire high school career."

Thi-Uyen "Lisa" Tran of Savanna High: "I was born on Super Bowl Sunday, Jan. 20, 1980. Rams versus Steelers at the Rose Bowl. The Rams lost."

Jackie Kung of Fairmont High: "I can open any catsup packet no matter how greasy it is!"

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