Pint-Sized Punch Lines

* How do you change melons to lemons? Switch the "m" and the "l." (Shaunty Rashidi, 9, San Juan Capistrano, Ambuehl Elementary)

* What do you say when your dog runs away? "Doggone." (Craig Wong, 9, Westchester, Kentwood Elementary)

* What is a duck's favorite ballerina show? "The Nutquacker." (Tuyen Nguyen, 10, Garden Grove, Excelsior School)

* What did one mountain say to the other after the earthquake? "Don't look at me. It wasn't my fault." (Emily Enos, 9, Laguna Niguel, Hidden Hills Elementary)

* Why does Darth Vader always wear black? Because he's from the dark side. (Lily Bryant, 6, Altadena, Walden School)

* What do rock musicians use when they get hurt? Band-Aids. (Liliana Rodriguez, Garden Grove, Excelsior School)

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