Week to Be Mixture of Fog and Sunshine

Through Friday, the weather pattern in the Valley is expected to consist of patchy morning fog and low clouds, giving way to mostly sunny skies and afternoon temperatures in the 70s, forecasters said.

"Basically, the fog is a bit of a marine layer from the ocean working its way into the Valley," said Jeff House, a meteorologist with WeatherData Inc., which provides forecast information to The Times.

"It's what is known as the summertime 'June gloom' but it should quickly burn off by midmorning," House said.

Van Nuys is expected to see a high of 73 today, with slightly cooler temperatures in Woodland Hills, Chatsworth and Burbank. Morning lows through Friday are expected to be in the low to mid-50s.

Those numbers are slightly lower than the seasonal average in Southern California, House said. "That's because you're not getting the ridge of high pressure that you would normally get at this time of the year."

The ultraviolet level today in the Valley at noon, when the sun's rays are most direct, is expected to be 6. House said that is a moderate level; a person with a fair complexion could be safe from sunburn for 10 to 12 minutes of exposure.

The afternoon temperatures for Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday are expected to be slightly warmer, with highs ranging from the mid- to upper 70s.

Friday's afternoon highs are expected to dip back into the low to mid-70s as clouds return over the area, House said.

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