How Big Will ‘The Truman Show’ Get?


Paramount’s $60-million fable “The Truman Show” starring Jim Carrey grossed $31.5 million in its opening weekend, and the only question is how big a hit it will be.

Are we talking “Forrest Gump” numbers ($330 million) or “Liar Liar” (about $180 million), Carrey’s major 1997 comedy hit?

The answer won’t be known until “Truman” has withstood next weekend’s “Six Days, Seven Nights” and the start of summer’s seven-days-a-week business, as schools empty out.


“Truman” seems likely to beat other Carrey vehicles “The Mask” and “Dumb and Dumber.” As for profit, Carrey took only a $12-million fee for the film, but that means his profit participation kicks in sooner. Nonetheless, “The Truman Show” is certain to be money in the bank for Paramount.

Warner’s “A Perfect Murder,” starring Michael Douglas, opened well at $16.7 million, especially considering how suicidal it was to go up against Jim Carrey. One industry source said fall would have been a much better period for the film.

Unless its legs prove surprisingly strong, “Murder” is not likely to gross much more than the $55 million to $60 million it cost. However, Douglas is a strong performer overseas, where the film begins its runs in September. So it should end up in the plus column for Warner.