Pint-Sized Punch Lines

How do billboards talk to each other? Sign language. (Matthew Wiser, 11, Van Nuys, St. Charles Borromeo School)

* What do you call a vampire's bad dream? A bitemare. (Dana Harris, 9, Brentwood, St. Matthew's Parish School)

* Why is R always invited to parties? It makes fiends into friends. (Heather Lang, 9, Whitehouse, Texas, H.L. Higgins Intermediate School)

* Why didn't the fly land on the computer? It was afraid of getting stuck on the World Wide Web. (Michael Ballin, 7, Pico Rivera, Palm View Christian School)

* What has a long range but isn't a weapon? A mountain range. (Ricky Kern, 7, Reno, Roy E. Gumm School)

* Why did the officer put his car in reverse? Because he needed backup. (Toan Nguyen, 11, Garden Grove, Excelsior School)

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