Ojai Giving Some Sidewalks a Make-Over

Ojai city crews are replacing the sidewalks on East Ojai Avenue between Blanche and Signal streets to make the area more "pedestrian friendly," city officials said.

"The sidewalks are quite old and the curb level was extremely high across from the post office, so we wanted to make the area more accessible," Councilman Joe DeVito said. The curbs will also have ramps for wheelchairs.

The city also plans to move the traffic signals farther from the street so they won't stand immediately next to the curb, possibly hindering pedestrian traffic, city officials said.

The sidewalks should be completed in a week or two, city officials said. The goal is to finish the entire project before the city's Fourth of July parade.

"Traffic seems to be moving well," said DeVito, adding that many residents are finding alternate routes to avoid the construction area.

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