Pint-Sized Punch Lines

* Why did the chicken cross the park? Because the road was blocked off. (Jake Robinson, 7, Beverly Hills, Beverly Vista Elementary)

* What runs around a yard without moving? A fence. (Melissa deSchepper, 9, Norwalk, D.D. Johnston School)

* What did the girl say when the boy asked if she’d join him in a cup of coffee? “No thanks, there’s not room in there for both of us.” (Cita Lashier, 8, Los Angeles, Immaculate Heart School)

* What drink do invisible people love? Evaporated milk. (Stefan Murdock, 6, Los Angeles, 42nd Street Elementary)


* What is the smelliest piece of office equipment? The com-P-U-ter. (Hannah House, 7, Diamond Bar, Quail Summit Elementary School)

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