Task Force Credited for Drop in Gang Activity

There has been no reported gang violence in Duarte or Monrovia for the past four months and local officials Monday credited a joint gang task force with that success.

Since a February strategy summit was held in the wake of months of gang activity, Monrovia police officers, sheriff's deputies, parole agents and probation officers have worked together to keep a close eye on convicted gang members.

"Everybody is part of the solution," said Donald Anderson, Duarte's director of safety coordination.

So far their operations have netted 57 felony arrests, numerous weapons as well as narcotics, officials said. Investigators say they have a shared database and have identified 76 additional people believed to be gang members.

Monrovia Mayor Robert Bartlett and Duarte Mayor Margaret Finlay held a luncheon Monday in downtown Monrovia for those involved in the task force.

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