Pint-Sized Punch Lines

What do you get when you cross an orange with a book? Pulp fiction. (Stephanie Montes, 12, Los Angeles, Los Angeles Center for Enriched Studies

* What tree always cries? A weeping willow. (William Simensky, 10, Hacienda Heights, Mesa Robles School)

* What is a Cuban’s favorite restaurant? Fi-del Taco. (Molly Jones, 11, Los Angeles, Brentwood Lower School)

* How do you make instant water? Just add water. (Aria Noelle Curzon, 10, Sierra Madre, EIE Academy)


* Which state is Barbie’s favorite? Kentucky. (Marc Chua, 7, Camarillo, Pleasant Valley Baptist School)

* What does a bee say when it sees a flower? “Bee-licious.” (Dominic Sino-Cruz, 9, Reseda, Bertrand School)

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