No Word From England's Favorite Actor: Mr. Bean

The daily diet for members of the English World Cup team doesn't amount to a hill of beans.

Yes, beans, the all-purpose staple of the traditional English breakfast--and lunch, and dinner--have been banned by the English team's physician.

"It's not that beans aren't good for you, but the players are on a finely balanced diet," said Steve Double, spokesman for the English Football Assn. "It is felt that beans are not suitable because their sauce can be high in sugar content."

The bean ban has caused a bit of a stir in the English camp. Captain Alan Shearer is said to be a beans connoisseur--only in England--and crates of baked beans accompanied the team to France, along with such other player favorites as HP sauce and Cocoa Puffs.

John Crane, England's team doctor, approved the ban, much to the delight of Roger Narbett, the award-winning chef who has been enlisted to cook for the English team.

Earlier, Narbett had joked about the complexity of his assignment, quipping, "All the players want is beans on toast."

Post-beans ban, a typical meal for an English player now consists of rice, pasta with a low-meat sauce and grilled chicken.

What, no meat pies?

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