Redevelopment Plan's Advance Cheers Many

West Anaheim residents called a redevelopment plan endorsed by the City Council this week a sign of hope to eliminate the blight and deterioration of their community.

The City Council unanimously gave preliminary approval to plans for a 700-acre redevelopment area composed mostly of commercial properties along Magnolia, Lincoln, La Palma and Knott avenues, Beach Boulevard and Ball Road. There are some older single-family homes, apartments and motels included in the plan.

"We are provided with the tools to wage the war on blight in west Anaheim," said Joan Oakley, who works at West Anaheim Medical Center, the largest employer in the redevelopment project area. Oakley added that the redevelopment plan "gives us the framework of the vision."

Mayor Tom Daly said the redevelopment effort over the next 30 years will raise property values and lead to a more "vibrant community."

Residents want a new community center, parks, senior housing and police and fire stations. They also want businesses to better serve their neighborhoods.

Final approval of the plan is set for Tuesday.

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