Smart Aleck

The question June 7: Judging by Tuesday's mediocre turnout at the polls, people are bored with the usual political suspects. Whom would you like to see run for public office and for which office?


I would like to see a nonrich, nonarrogant, nonegotistical, honest individual run for office. An individual who is interested in "We the people . . . , " not in "Where will I be tomorrow?"

S.M. Loewy



Hillary Rodham Clinton for president. This is one smart woman. And Elizabeth Taylor for vice president. Think of it: the cleavage, the dazzling jewelry, the violet eyes staring off into the blank space reserved for this second-highest-ranking office.

Scott Mayers



Don't change anything. The lower the voter turnout, the better. It makes my vote more powerful.

Rick Schilf

Van Nuys


Dennis Rodman for secretary of State. He would scare the world into following the U.S.

Nicholas Heath

Rancho Cucamonga


I would like to see the Newt run for commissar of Outer Mongolia and be elected--for life.

Walt Hopmans

Santa Barbara


President Clinton should run for judge of a beauty pageant such as the Miss America competition. He knows what to look for.

Marcia Austin

Sierra Madre

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