Sick of getting sick before you travel? Here are some things to contemplate before your next vacation:

* Not to nag, but try to do the following all year to ward off stress: Eat right, get enough sleep and exercise.

* If you’re a workaholic, make a point of enjoying the scenery on the way home from work; try meditation or relaxation techniques for 15 minutes during the day; and leave your problems at work, rather than discussing them at dinner. Go home on time as often as you can.

* Look forward to your vacation, but don’t concoct unrealistic expectations that might lead to disappointment.


* Laugh, even if your travel agent loses your hotel reservations. You might as well yuk it up.

* Pack simply and try to do it a day in advance of departure.

* If at all possible, leave your cell phone, laptop and portable fax at home.