Amgen Chief Plans to Sell 100,000 Company Shares

Amgen Inc. Chairman Gordon M. Binder has filed papers to notify federal regulators of his plans to sell 100,000 shares of the company, almost 7% of the 1.5 million shares he owns, according to regulators.

The shares would be worth about $6.2 million.

Binder, chief executive of the world's largest biotechnology company, last sold Amgen stock in May, when he sold 84,000 shares. The Thousand Oaks company's share price rose to a 12-month high of $65.56 in late May on takeover speculation.

Business Week reported that Delaware-based DuPont Co. would make a $25-billion cash offer for the company. Both companies declined to comment.

The Thousand Oaks company sells two drugs whose annual sales exceed $1 billion--Epogen, for anemic dialysis patients, and Neupogen, which is used to treat a weakened immune system.

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