Pint-Sized Punch Lines

What is a vampire's favorite flavor of ice cream? Veinilla. (Alexandra Greenberg, 7, San Diego, Ecole Francaise de San Diego)

* Why are cats so fussy? Because they want everything purrrfect. (Amanda Woods, 8, Glendora, Cullen School)

* What kind of flowers does your mother plant in her garden? Mums. (Mary Elizabeth Kelly, 7, Tustin, St. Cecilia's Grammar School)

* Where do computer centers dance? In a disc-o. (Lani Garcia, 7, North Hollywood, Burbank Boulevard Elementary)

* What's a cheetah's favorite snack? Chee-tos. (Kaylin White, 8, North Hollywood, Burbank Boulevard Elementary)

* Why did the witch buy a computer? She needed a spell check. (Zeve Marcus, 8, Los Angeles, Maimonides Academy)


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