Broome Ranch Vote Reset for July 7

A City Council vote on the annexation of Broome Ranch has been delayed by the council member who proposed it.

Facing stiff opposition by two fellow council members and a possible split vote, Councilwoman Judy Lazar has decided to postpone a decision on the proposal until a full five-member council can hear it.

The council was scheduled to vote on the issue today, but Mayor Michael Markey will be absent. Lazar postponed the vote to the July 7 meeting.

Councilwomen Elois Zeanah and Linda Parks criticized the measure because the state has not ruled on whether to turn the area into a state park. If the state decides to purchase the property, it would probably prevent future development on the site.

Lazar said the state has taken too long to reach a decision on the 22-month-old purchase plan.

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