Pint-Sized Punch Lines

What does a piano teacher bring to the market? A Chopin Liszt. (Adam Greenberg, 9, San Diego, New Bridge School)

* What did the big smokestack say to the little smokestack? "You're too little to smoke." (Jessica Lynn Melton, 8, Covina, Ellington School)

* What kind of paper makes you itch? Scratch paper. (Elyatan Marcus, 9, Los Angeles, Maimonides Academy)

* What is a bunny's favorite dessert? Carrot cake. (Cory Carlstroem, 4, Santa Monica, Marine Park Preschool)

* Why did the airplane return to the terminal? It got airsick. (Madeline Cloer, 10, Visalia, Hurley School)

* What do you get when you cross a floor and a pig? A groundhog. (Richard W. Brown, 8, Valencia, A Beka Christian Home School)

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