Ventura County Median Income Rose 5% in ’96


In the latest sign of Ventura County’s economic health, the state tax board reports that personal incomes increased across the economic spectrum in 1996.

The Ventura County median income rose about $1,300, or 5%, to $27,534 between 1995 and 1996, the Franchise Tax Board has reported. These are the most recent figures available.

The county’s increase mirrored the statewide advance of 5%.

The median income is the pay, including wages and investments, that is in the exact middle of an income group, meaning half were above and half below that figure. It is considered a more accurate measure than average income.


Tax board spokeswoman Denise Quade said the rising median income shows that the economic recovery is not limited to just the wealthy.

“It’s good news for most of the state,” she said. “It tells you that everyone went up, from all income spectrums.”

Ventura County ranked ninth in median income in 1996, the report said, moving up one slot from the prior year’s results.

The top four counties with the highest income were in Northern California--Marin, Contra Costa, Santa Clara and San Mateo counties.