Council to Discuss Ban on 3-Story Buildings

A temporary ban on building three-story structures along Main Street will go before the City Council today.

The council issued a moratorium May 26 after an applicant proposed a structure for 328 Main St. with offices, retail space and parking.

Members of the council had wrongly assumed there was an ordinance limiting structures to two stories, Councilwoman Patty Campbell said.

“People think it’s not allowed. Well, guess what: It’s not specifically disallowed,” Campbell said. “Somehow this one fell through the cracks.”


Some Old Town buildings do exceed two stories, but the council wants to preserve the area’s small-town feel, Campbell said. Officials can extend the moratorium through May 1999, enough time to develop a proper ordinance on the matter.

But the council is interested in hearing the development proposal and will consider the matter when all the facts are in, Campbell said.

A special meeting was called because the original ban expires July 9 and the next regular meeting is not until July 13.

The meeting begins at 4 p.m. at City Hall, 211 8th St.

Information: (562) 431-2527.