Photographers Sentenced to Jail

Kudos to Judge Robert T. Altman for having the guts to sentence photographers Andrew O'Brien and Giles Harrison to some jail time for their stalkarazzi attack on the Schwarzeneggers (Feb. 24). As to the assertion of defense attorney Charles L. Lindner that this was "movie star justice" and that the Santa Monica city attorney's office would never have brought the charges had the victims not been Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver--what nonsense. In fact, we have always had laws against this sort of common assault and the problem has been trying to get them enforced when they are broken in the pursuit of public people. These two thugs tried to escape ordinary justice in the name of journalism--a defense they could only make because their intended victims were celebrities.

Everyone has a right to privacy in his/her own home, car and on honeymoons, vacations, etc. Further, their noncelebrity children have a right to absolute privacy even when they are in the car or, for that matter, in the park with Mom or Dad. Extending the trespassing laws to powerful photographic and surveillance equipment is long, long overdue.


Los Angeles

* If Sen. Dianne Feinstein can't stand the paparazzi heat she should get out of the media kitchen. We presently have enough laws and enforcement agencies to control everything from the air we breathe to our bowel movements and now Feinstein wants paparazzi cops. With thousands of illegals crossing our borders daily she worries that someone might take her picture. It seems there is a real priority problem here!


Granada Hills

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