Saddleback Angling to Teach Fly-Fishing

There's a lot more to fly-fishing than just casting your line into a stream and hauling in the fish.

Saddleback College instructor Lee Waian, an angler and environmentalist, began teaching a course about four years ago on the art of fly-fishing.

His latest class--running March 19 through May 21--also includes discussion of the sport's history, fish behavior, stream conservation and aquatic entomology.

Waian, who heads up Saddleback's environmental studies department, says it's important to understand the ecology of the oceans, lake and streams that provide a rich habitat for the sport.

"Even if you don't catch fish you can still learn something by observing and appreciating your surroundings," Waian said.

Students meet at the college campus then take weekend field trips. The course costs $26 plus a small amount for field trip fees.

Information: (714) 582-4541.

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