Church Expanding Its Food Giveaway Program

The Los Angeles International Church, which said it feeds more than 1,500 people a day at its facility in the former Queen of Angels Hospital, announced Wednesday that it will start delivering 500 bags of food daily to needy families.

"Only a few blocks from our headquarters is unbelievable poverty which escapes the attention of most people in Los Angeles," said Matthew Barnett, the church's 24-year-old pastor.

"We may be feeding more than 1,500 people per day at our complex, but there are countless thousands more who don't have the mobility to access our help."

The daily food distribution program is an extension of the church's Adopt-A-Block program, where volunteers donate their time and skills to clean up streets, paint and repair homes, plant gardens and do other tasks for residents.

"We have so many examples of how little energy is needed to give hope to areas so many had given up on," Barnett said.

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