$36,000 Agent Commissions? Think Again

If your reader from Pacific Palisades really believes that most real estate agents routinely sell $600,000 homes and make $36,000 commissions, I'm surprised she isn't in the business.

Of course, she would not have paid vacations, paid sick leave, paid retirement benefits, paid health and life insurance, etc., etc.

She would not have weekends off and she would have to put in at least a 12-hour day to be successful. She would have clients calling from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. to ask about today's showing or check on their offer or escrow. She would also have to pay someone to take care of business when she takes a few days off so her clients won't feel like they have been deserted.

Then she would need to check in by phone several times a day to be sure everything is running smoothly back at the office.

I might also remind Ms. Pacific Palisades that most real estate agents don't sell $600,000 homes at all. The average sales price in Los Angeles and surrounding areas is several hundred thousand dollars less. The commission is a piece that is cut into many slices. After expenses are paid, the agent gets a diet-sized piece.


Santa Monica

The writer is a real estate agent.

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