Can You Feel Your Way to Good Health?

Many health psychologists have suggested that emotions greatly impact physical health and sometimes contribute to the inability to get well. Along this line, Myss offers her intriguing theory that all thoughts and feelings are absorbed by the body as energy and, thus, directly affect health. The idea is controversial because there is no proof of "energy" created in this manner. However, viewers who can set that aside may find value in Myss' description of how we use our "wounds" as coping mechanisms. Overcoming this tendency to use sickness as a crutch will ultimately help us become healthy.

"Women's Bodies, Women's Minds--the Mind Body Connection" KCET; Hosted by Dr. Christiane Northrup March 19 9:40-11 p.m.

Northrup is a well-known women's health expert who has a strong interest in complementary medicine. It's an interesting look at how Northrup arrived at her philosophy of women's health. She describes her own major life experiences and how belief systems were passed down from her parents. "We're born with this incredible sense of who we are, and then usually we're talked out of it . . . and that is where the beginning of illness or health starts." Northrup advocates laughter, outdoor exercise, sleep, relaxation and rhythmical dance as tools to improve health. The program describes the differences between the male and female brain, and discusses changing standards of beauty. It's empowering.


"Simple Choices, Powerful Changes--the Science of Healing" Hosted by Dr. Dean Ornish

Wednesday KCET 8-9:30 p.m.


"The Healing Power of Love and Intimacy" Hosted by Dr. Dean Ornish

Wednesday KCET 9:30-11 p.m.

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