Your Psychic Potato: The Spud Tells All

In his "The Definitive St. Patrick's Day Festivity Book" (MJF dba Educare, 1997, $21.95), Michael James Fallon describes a St. Patrick's Day game called the "wee peoples" Potato Fortune Hunt.

It's like an Easter egg hunt, except players search for potatoes. Afterward, everyone counts the eyes on their potatoes; the number of eyes on each potato supposedly corresponds to the player's fortune.

Instead of hiding regular old potatoes, however, have your guests draw on their potatoes to create a playful centerpiece at the same time.


How to Play

Hide the potatoes in the house or garden before the hunt. You may set a time limit if you like, or offer "hot" and "cold" clues as your guests search for the spuds. When your guests find a potato, have them make a circle or spiral around each potato eye using a liquid gold paint marker. Count the eyes and read their fortunes according to this chart:

1. Foes

2. Presents

3. Friends

4. Suitors

5. Travel

6. Courtship

7. Wealth

9. Broken Heart

9. Happily Married

10. Single Blessedness

After the hunt, use the potatoes in the centerpiece for dinner. And consider seating your guests according to their fortunes--foe with friend, suitor with courtship and so on.


For the hunt you will need:

6 purple potatoes

6 red potatoes

4 liquid gold paint markers

For the centerpiece you will need:

1 large shallow bowl

1 small pot of shamrocks

1 bag of green straw

12 decorated potatoes

Place the pot of shamrocks in the middle of the bowl and evenly distribute the green straw, covering the pot.

Add the potatoes, placing the most decorated side face up.

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