My Clean Can Beat Your Clean

Producer Brian Grazer and actor Eddie Murphy, who collaborated on the 1996 comedy hit "The Nutty Professor" and are teamed on three more movies and a new TV series, have a lot in common. They both churn out creative ideas. They're both highly competitive and both like to win.

They're also both "clean freaks," as they unabashedly admitted during a recent interview on the set of their latest movie, "Life."

Murphy: "We're both clean freaks."

Grazer: "We both discover things about each other in relation to that subject."

Grazer, after both start talking at once: "You say."

Murphy: "You go first."

Grazer: "I have that new antiseptic hand stuff."

Murphy: "Just now in my trailer I was showing him this new stuff."

Grazer: "It kills germs in 20 seconds."

Murphy: "Oh, I have this alcohol surgical foam hand scrub. And, you don't need lotion after it."

Grazer: "Yeah, I know it's nice. I'll have to get some. . . . And, if we have to go to a public bathroom, we don't handle the doorknobs."

Murphy: "Everything is with your foot."

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