Seniors Become Teachers for Day

El Toro High School senior Luke Johansen stepped into teacher Debbie Ford's shoes last week to teach a health class on an uncomfortable subject: male reproduction.

Once he got past the first 15 minutes, he was no longer nervous.

"Our students, the ones I got to teach, I was surprised how mature and well mannered they were," Johansen, 17, said.

Johansen was one of 16 students who swapped roles for the day with their math, science, social studies, foreign languages and English teachers. English teacher Kim Ogle, who came up with the idea, said she hopes the first Senior Teaching Day will not be the last.

"One student asked a teacher, 'What do I do if they ask a question I don't know the answer to?' " Ogle said. "It's a compliment to teachers that they think we do know all the answers."

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