Jay Kim

What an extraordinary coincidence in the March 10 paper!

On the front page we have the story of Rep. Jay C. Kim, a white-collar good ol' boy and elected member of Congress who gets two months "home detention" for receiving $250,000 in illegal campaign contributions.

And on the comics page we have "Mother Goose and Grimm": "Do you think Congress should have term limits?" "No, they should have to stay in jail as long as the other criminals."

I don't know whether to laugh or cry.



Please permit me to join what I expect to be a large citizen outcry over the slap on the ankle and their purses that Kim and his wife received from our criminal justice system.

The pittance-level sentences and fines imposed on the Kims bear no relationship to the severity of the crimes committed by them, so it was little wonder that the judge passed sentence without explanation. The prosecutors' statements following the sentencing regarding their "disappointment" suggests to me that they must have had some serious tongue-biting at that time.

Whoever said that rank didn't have its privileges?


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