The Inside Track to a Sure Bet


Dear Cynthia: In my dream, a guy told me to bet only on horses at the fifth post. The next day, at the Pick Six, every horse that ran from the fifth post won. A few weeks later, I dreamed Park Royal won the race and paid $13.50. That came true. The night before I went to Reno, I dreamed I won the jackpot. When I played the slots, I won three jackpots in 24 hours. Will I be the next Jeane Dixon or am I just dreaming?


Costa Mesa

Dear Reader: It seems you are tuned in to the big pit boss in the sky. Since you say you have had success, I say carry on. Just be sure you never gamble more than you can afford to lose. About 12% of dreams do come true. Your dreams seem literal and need no interpretation.


Dear Cynthia: Shortly after being separated from my wife of 25 years, I dreamed I was driving a tractor on the top of a mountain at night. The lights were blazing, the engine was roaring, and I was having a great time. Suddenly the engine died, the lights went out, and I was lost, cold and lonely. Then a door opened and light streamed out. My father was calling, "Jim, Jim! This way." I was saved, but in order to go inside the door, my father and I had to descend through a giant toilet, which we did. By the way, I remarried and remain happily married 16 years later.


Los Angeles

Dear Reader: The top of the mountain indicates the height of your life. By riding the tractor, you were plowing under the dead parts of your life with gusto. This was recognition that your marriage was over. But losing your married life seemed a lonely prospect. Your father, symbolic of providing and protecting, saved you. The light was the truth. The toilet bowl represented letting go of the part of your life that wasn't working for you anymore. You did let go of your marriage and made yourself available for a loving relationship.


Celebrity Dream of the Week: I'm in a mall with other people when a raptor sees me and starts to come after me. Then I look over and see a cop standing nearby. I start to run and jump over a bench. As I jump, I trip and fall and the raptor is about to attack me when the cop pulls his gun and shoots the raptor twice. It falls dead. I'm OK and we go and get rid of the rest of the raptors we see in the mall before they can attack any other people.


"Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman"


Dear Shawn: The mall represents our modern town square. So here you are in what should be a safe public place when this prehistoric predator threatens you. Dinosaurs, beings that didn't keep up with the times and became extinct, may represent paparazzi or overly invasive fans.

But help is close at hand, an authority figure with a gun. You are protected. Tripping over something meant to rest on indicates that you are quite busy and don't get much chance to rest. But you are brave and have a sense of adventure and want to do what's right, as when you help the cop to get the rest of the raptors. You like to be the hero.


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