UCLA Seeks Volunteers for Glaucoma Research Program

UCLA's Jules Stein Eye Institute is looking for 1,000 volunteers with and without glaucoma for a study that will determine the effectiveness of imaging devices to detect the onset of the disease.

Glaucoma--damage to the optic nerve from pressure within the eye--affects about 4 million Americans, said Joseph Caprioli, chief of the glaucoma division at the institute. It is the second leading cause of blindness in the United States, and the first among African Americans. Participants undergo routine eye exams, as well as three tests using lasers to record and measure images of the optic nerve and retina.

The tests are painless, Caprioli said.

Participants must be 40 or older, have 20/50 vision or better.

For more information, call Caprioli at (310) 825-0146.

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