Legislator Honors Woman of the Year

A Northridge resident known for her community activism and anti-crime efforts has been honored as Woman of the Year in the 38th Assembly District.

Lin Squires, 52, was presented with a commendation this week by Assemblyman Tom McClintock (R-Northridge) on the Assembly floor in Sacramento after being selected for the award by officials in his office.

"Squires has been an ardent fighter against the rising tide of crime and has worked tirelessly to make our communities safer for everyone, especially our children," said Jennifer Cressy, a spokeswoman for McClintock. In 1992, Squires and her husband, Clark, co-founded Mad About Rising Crime, or MARC, which works to resolve problems associated with gang activities, substance abuse and violent crime. The organization is named after the couple's son, Marc, who was killed on Thanksgiving Day 1990, apparently in a dispute involving a pager.

Lin Squires is involved in other public safety organizations, such as KIDSAFE; the Community-Police Academy; and the Citizens Advisory Council for Police, Fire and Public Safety for the 12th Los Angeles City Council District.

Squires, a sixth-grade teacher at Wiley Canyon Elementary School in Santa Clarita, serves as a mentor and is responsible for districtwide teacher training and curriculum development.

"It's not about me, it's all about helping," Squires said. "My father once said to me, 'God has given you the gift of life. When you get to the end and you look back, ask yourself, have you done anything to give back to others? If not, you've wasted your gift.' "

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