Pint-Sized Punch Lines

* Nicki was walking down the street. When did she stop being a kid? When she turned into a store. (Margie Cuevas, 12, Cudahy, Elizabeth Learning Center)

* Why do deer have horns? To put on their shoes. (Robert Olguin, 8, Arcadia, Holly Avenue Elementary)

* What did the alligator say to the man in the boat? "I wanna hold your hand." (Tessa Abrahams, 7, Los Angeles, Pacific Palisades Charter Elementary)

* Why did the fly stay away from the computer? He saw the web site. (Adrian Martin, 9, South Gate, Stanford Avenue School)

* What is Spider-Man's favorite drink? Apple Spider. (Andrew Araujo, 7, Hesperia, Kingston School)

* What do people sing in the shower? Soap operas. (Katie Hart, 8, Westlake Village, White Oak Elementary)


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