Hertzberg Compiling Area Resource Book

Think you may be the only bass fishing addict in the San Fernando Valley?

Then you've never heard of the Valley Bass Bums, an organization entirely devoted to hitting the water and searching for the catch of the day.

There are hundreds of other recreation groups in the Valley but they are not always easy to find. Assemblyman Bob Hertzberg (D-Sherman Oaks) is trying to change that by putting together a comprehensive San Fernando Valley community resource book and calendar.

"I don't want to miss anyone," Hertzberg said. "If it's in the Valley, I want it in this book."

The goal is to create a resource book of phone numbers for various state agencies as well as community organizations. The project will be funded through the Assembly Operating Budget.

Included with groups such as the San Fernando Valley Quilt Assn. will be the telephone numbers for agencies such as the state Department of Alcohol and Beverage Control.

"It's the only resource with both state agencies and community groups," said Stuart Waldman, an aide to Hertzberg.

Hertzberg's staff is seeking information about community organizations--including name, address, president, phone, fax, e-mail and mission statement. They request all groups send the information to the assemblyman's office at 6150 Van Nuys Blvd., Suite 305, Van Nuys 91401. Groups can also fax to (818) 902-0764.

April 15 is the deadline to submit information. Waldman said the free book may be completed by the end of May. Copies will be provided to nonprofit groups. Others can pick them up at Hertzberg's office.

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