No Mercy, No Pity, No Copy That Makes Sense

Advertiser: Ortho

Agency: BBDO, Los Angeles

Challenge: Pitch Ortho's Round Up weed killer in a catchy yet convincing manner.

The Ad: In a television spot, computer-animated weeds lament the passing of one of their own. The weeds discuss how the departed Nick had recovered from an earlier attack because "he had such strong roots, such handsome roots," but was done in by something "different." That's when the eerie truth dawns on the weeds. "Next time, it could be us," one says. The ad ends with the legend: "No mercy, no pity, no weeds."

Comment: Perhaps it's too much to expect intelligent commentary from weeds, but shouldn't their remarks make sense? Call it nit-picking, but how is it possible for Nick's comrades to know his roots are handsome, because they are, after all, underground? That aside, the ad does make its point. $$

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