Diesel Stays in Step With Hip Footwear Ads

Advertiser: Diesel Footwear

Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi, Los Angeles

Challenge: Launch the Diesel footwear line with ads that capture the irreverent tone of those for Diesel clothing, but keep the focus on shoes.

The Ad: The first ad in the print campaign shows a woman clad in Diesel boots, spandex shorts and a halter top using a tree-trimmer to shape large bushes into boots. She's performing the task in a garden decorated with what appears to be Greek statues. Besides the Diesel logo, there are no words in the ad.

Comment: Unlike the ads for the D Diesel clothing line (reviewed March 12), these ads manage to convey a sassy attitude without being tasteless. Placing the woman in a stately garden enhances the air of defiance. The message here is that Diesel shoes are for people who are hip and go against the grain. As implied by the lack of copy, image is everything. $$$

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