Skateboard Area OKd at Lions Park

Unwanted in parking lots, on sidewalks and in drained swimming pools, skateboarders may soon get a place of their own in the city.

Park commissioners this week approved the concept of opening one or two skate parks. They sent their recommendation to the City Council, which may consider it April 20.

The commission suggested a skating zone at Lions Park and at another yet-to-be-determined location. Costs could run from $70,000 to $85,000 each.

"Because of the damage that has been done by skateboarders, some people have made skateboarders outlaws, and don't want them around," said Keith Van Holt, community services project manager.

"The only place they've got to go is the street. In an effort to provide them a place where they can legally--hopefully--enjoy their sport, the commission asked the council to consider a park and possibly a second."

Mayor Peter Buffa called for a park about 10 years ago, but the risks of liability were too high, Van Holt said. New state laws reduce risks to cities that post proper warning signs.

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