FNet to Offer Internet Gateways to WorldCom

Franklin Telecom in Westlake Village said its subsidiary, FNet Corp., has signed an agreement with WorldCom to offer its Internet telephone network on WorldCom sites.

Under the terms of the agreement, FNet will offer its Tempest Data Voice Gateway to a number of cities in the United States via the WorldCom network. Through the Tempest gateways, FNet will support national telephone-to-telephone service over a private intranet and a public Internet. The agreement also facilitates eventual overseas deployment of the gateways.

"Franklin's Tempest technology . . . will now be made available to callers throughout the U.S.," said Frank Peters, Franklin chief executive officer. "With this, we are now able to expedite our plans for establishing a worldwide, carrier-class network, offering customers an unparalleled scope of services."

Tempest Data Voice Gateways incorporates Franklin Telecom's hardware technology. Franklin designs and manufactures communications devices, high-speed LAN, WAN, Telco and Satellite Systems and software.

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