Pint-Sized Punch Lines

* What do you call two banana peels? A pair of slippers. (Quentin Sylwester, 6, Northridge, Darby Avenue School)

* What did the hamburger name his daughter? Patty! (Sascha Stannard, 7, Westchester, Wildwood Elementary School)

* What runs all the time but never moves? A refrigerator. (Amanda Maitino, 6, Santa Clarita, James Foster Elementary)

* What is the smallest room in the world? A mushroom. (Lauren Juodvalkis, 6, Valencia, Santa Clarita Elementary)


* What did the picture say to the policeman? “I was framed, I tell you!” (Crystal Marie Ulibarri, 7, Long Beach, Hudson Elementary)

* Why are rivers so rich? Because they have two banks. (Kyle Johnson, 6, Thousand Oaks, Weathersfield Elementary)

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