The Art of Celebration

Actors and artists.

Poets and playwrights.

Dancers and divas.

Together they raised the banner--and the roof--for Latino gay pride at Viva’s 10th anniversary at the El Rey Theatre. Almost 250 members and supporters of Viva, a lesbian and gay Latino artists association, turned out recently for a party that featured dancing, a fashion show by the Klub Kids and singing by Ana Gazzola and Sonia Santos.


The Fabulous Wonder Twins, Carlos and Louis--in cobalt-blue, butterfly-adorned dos--were there.

So were popular poet Cherrie Moraga, choreographer Guadalupe Bujanda, slam writer Jesse Reyes, actor Wilson Cruz and the always-artful Luis Alfaro.

“Our mission is to discover, empower and promote” gay artists, says board member Monica Palacios, a writer and performer in her own right.

And that they did.


The Mas Caliente Viva Awards were presented to Moraga, Alfaro, artist Roberto Gil de Montes and the group’s founder, Roland Palencia.

Viva, Viva!