County GOP Reprimands Kellogg for Negative Mailer


The Republican Central Committee on Saturday reprimanded Assembly candidate John Kellogg for distributing a mailer linking his opponent, Ken Maddox, to a child molester.

In a statement issued Saturday, the committee said the Kellogg campaign had engaged in “last-minute character assassination of Ken Maddox on an issue that has no bearing on his candidacy or qualifications for office.”

The mailer claimed that Maddox paid political consultant Tim Carey $2,800 to get on his name on a candidate slate mailer. Kellogg’s piece said Carey was a convicted child molester.

Assemblymen Scott Baugh (R-Huntington Beach) and Jim Morrissey (R-Santa Ana) withdrew their endorsements of Kellogg after the mailer was distributed.


But the committee also criticized Maddox, saying he misrepresented Kellogg’s length of residency in the 68th Assembly District.