Not a Consultant

I was, frankly, amazed to see Father Gregory Coiro described in recent news reports (Morning Report, Nov. 6) concerning the “Ally McBeal” controversy as having served as a “script consultant” on “Nothing Sacred.” Given that Father Coiro was the West Coast mouthpiece for the Catholic League and a hostile, public critic of the series who spent a good deal of time working toward its demise, it is positively surreal to see him now apparently appending it to his resume.

To clarify, at no time did he work for the “Nothing Sacred” company nor did he partake in any substantive conversations with us, ever. Any exposure he may have had to “Nothing Sacred” probably occurred through the ABC broadcast standards department, but to call him a script consultant is to inflate a minimal, tangential association and serves to denigrate the very real contributions of our Jesuit consultants who worked tirelessly to ensure the show’s verisimilitude.


Executive producer,


“Nothing Sacred”

(Editor’s note: Coiro is director of media relations for the Los Angeles Archdiocese and was sent scripts of “Nothing Sacred” by ABC’s broadcast standards department, although at the time both he and the producers said he was in no way responsible for the final product and did not necessarily approve of it.)