How Seven of Nine Becomes a Perfect 10


That Look: Actress Jeri Ryan’s costume as Borg Seven of Nine (pictured at right) on “Star Trek: Voyager” (UPN).

What It Took: Costume designer Robert Blackman masterminded the seemingly seamless catsuit. He refers to the material as “shrink wrap"--a nylon and Lycra blend. He employs darts in lieu of seams whenever possible. For example, there are inseams but no outer seams on the legs of the outer-space outfit. Blackman placed an invisible zipper in the back of the suit. On the chest, he created a small Velcro reservoir to hold the Velcro-backed Combadge pin--a trekker’s personal communicator.

The Hook: Ryan has to wear an elastic corset (there is a zipper on one side) that is covered in cord elastic. The underwire brassiere portion of the corset is layered first with a “souffle,” or sheer weave material, and finally with a thin fleece, which makes the edges soft and blurry, Blackman pointed out. The brassiere attaches to the inside of the suit with bar and hook closures for a perfect Borg fit.

A Borgeous Look: Shoes are worn inside--not outside--the catsuit, which has built-in feet, like a leotard. The Velcroed slits on the soles accommodate Ryan’s 3 1/2-inch pumps. The bottom of the feet also have anti-slip treads.


Gadzooks: No spontaneous treks to the powder room. It takes Ryan 35 minutes to get into costume, and that’s with assistance.