Lawmakers Killed in Recent Years


Following is a chronology of murders in recent years of Russian Duma deputies:

April 26, 1994--Businessman and deputy Andrei Aizderdzis, shot dead in Moscow. Police linked the killing to his business activities.

Nov. 1, 1994--Valentin Martemyanov, beaten to death by two unidentified attackers in Moscow. Police believe he was a victim of muggers.

Feb. 2, 1995--Deputy Sergei Skorochkin, shot dead in a Moscow suburb, his body handcuffed to railway tracks. Skorochkin claimed that the Mafia was demanding cash from him. Police linked his murder to his business activities.

Nov. 25, 1995--Sergei Markidonov, shot dead while on the campaign trail in his local constituency in Siberia's Chita region.

July 3, 1998--Former defense committee head Lev Rokhlin, shot dead in his vacation home outside Moscow. Rokhlin, a commander of Russian troops during the war in Chechnya, was involved in controversial efforts to reform the military. Officials say his wife confessed to the killing, although some opposition leaders say she was pressed to do so, and they have implied that there may have been a political motive. His funeral was attended by thousands.

Nov. 20, 1998--Leading liberal deputy and human rights campaigner Galina V. Starovoitova, shot dead in St Petersburg.

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