Excess Property Taxes

Camarillo is having a problem deciding what to do with a projected $2.5 million “taxpayers’ savings.”

The answer to that question is very easy: Give the money back to the property-tax payers.

There is lots of room on the property tax bill sent to the overburdened homeowner. There the tax collector lists every detail such as school bonds, water bonds, fire protection, etc. Let him add one more line item: “Refund for overpaid taxes!”

We have to rid ourselves of the attitude that the government owns it and can waste the exorbitant taxes freely, just as Santa Claus would do. This is wrong. Many property-tax payers are hanging by their retirement claws. Only Proposition 13 saved them from eviction from their homes by the tax man.


We must teach all politicians--local, county, state and federal--that it’s our money and we want it spent wisely or we want it back.