The Latest Toys for High-Tech Trendsetters

Forget joysticks and hand-held controllers. This holiday season, BSG Laboratories Inc.'s Intensor is the chair of choice--and the ultimate gift--for serious game fans and general thrill seekers alike.

Think of this as the king of La-Z-Boys, as the chair comes with an immersion sound system and a port that allows users to plug it directly into any video- or computer-game system. Five speakers are tucked strategically throughout the device, sending a body-shaking 108 decibels throughout a player's spine. Imagine hearing bullets zipping past your head when they miss--and feeling the impact of the blow when they hit.

The Intensor also channels music and sound effects--both subtle and strong--into vibrations that correspond to the game play. Software developers, who began testing the device earlier this year, are starting to customize their games to work with the chair and maximize its audio technology.

The Panama City, Fla., firm began distributing the Intensor gaming chair this fall. It retails for $300 to $600, depending on accessories.

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