The Latest Toys for High-Tech Trendsetters

Kwikset Corp. peeped through the keyhole of the future this year and introduced AccessOne, a remote control that operates the garage door, the deadbolt on the front door, and the lights inside the house.

The product is a significant departure for Kwikset, a staid Irvine company that for 54 years has dwelt at the low-tech end of home security, making solid but simple doorknobs, deadbolts, levers, handle sets and padlocks.

The $99 system comes with two remotes small enough to serve as key fobs, plus a deadbolt that requires four AA batteries installed in a casing that mounts to the back of the door. A separate module for operating house lights will be introduced next year.

The remote uses the latest "rolling code" technology, which means the radio access codes rotate among 4.3 billion possible combinations, thwarting would-be code thieves.

It also comes with a set of old-fashioned keys, because, as a Kwikset spokeswoman said, "People still don't buy in to the fact that technology is always going to work."

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