Casual Dress

Re "Dressing Down for Dinner," Voices, Nov. 21: Congratulations to Greg Crosby and his wife, celebrating their 20th anniversary. In his letter describing the "end of elegance" he hit a most tender spot in us. When we go to the theater or dine out, we are amazed at the tackiness that has become the "accepted look" in our society. The restaurants, afraid of losing customers, have waived their rules of decent dress and that has encouraged seediness and sloppiness everywhere.

We're all for comfort--in the right place, at the right time. People behave the way they are dressed, and if they roll out of bed wearing T-shirts and shorts from the day before and then go out to a movie or dinner, they are missing the enjoyment of "special occasions." My husband and I sometimes say to each other, "We don't care if the other guests in this restaurant are dressed like slobs, at least we give the place a touch of class!"


Beverly Hills

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