Pint-Sized Punch Lines

* Where were you when the lights went out? In the dark. (Wyatt Owens, 4, Ramona, Calif.)

* What is a kitten's favorite color? Purrrple (Brittney Mason, 9, Placentia, Van Buren School)

* Why was the ghost crying? Because he had a boo-boo. (Kelsey Myers, 8, Seal Beach, Weaver School)

* What do you call a skunk that doesn't smell? Out-of-odor. (Emma Zornes, 5, Hillsborough, Hillsborough West School)

* What do pigs put on sores? Oinkment. (Tracy Gilmour, 8, Chatsworth, Germain Street Elementary)

* Why did the dog want to be good? Because he wanted to get a bone-us. (Oisin Barrett, 7, Oceanside, Christa McAuliffe Elementary)

* What is a ghost's favorite lunch? A boo-loney sandwich. (Sherry French, 5, Westminster, Richard Pre-School)

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