Grants Given to Fight Gangs

Two Orange County groups that work to prevent gang violence have won grants as part of a $3-million program launched by the state Department of Justice last year.

Atty. Gen. Dan Lungren recently announced that 30 gang-prevention projects had been chosen to receive grants of as much as $200,000 under the California Gang, Crime and Violence Prevention Partnership program.

Among the grant winners were Orange County on Track in Tustin and the YMCA of Orange County in Santa Ana.

The programs selected for grants have proven records in preventing gang violence by educating youths, Lungren's office said.

The programs teach teenagers and young adults how to resolve conflict. The programs also show participants the effects of drugs, crime and violence on themselves and their communities.

"Sometimes all it takes is for an ex-gang member to show a teen what is in store for him if he joins a gang," Lungren said.

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