Campaign Urges Making Amends

Religion News Service

The U.S. Bishops' Catholic Communication Campaign has released a series of public service messages aimed at encouraging people to restore broken relationships.

The motto of the campaign is, "If you think you can't make it right, you're wrong." It consists of television, print and radio ads created pro bono by Saatchi & Saatchi, an international advertising firm.

"Most people have someone close to them with whom they've had an argument, misunderstanding, or lack of communication that has led to a falling out," said Bishop Robert N. Lynch of St. Petersburg, Fla., chairman of the Bishops' Communication Committee. "This effort is designed to powerfully demonstrate the costs of 'not making it right' and to show what is possible if you just take action."

Three TV spots, each 30 seconds, depict various relationships between family members that have been damaged. Similar ads are presented in three 30-second radio announcements.

The first ads will be distributed this month for airing by more than 1,500 television and radio outlets.

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